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The Products of the Network

Network Funding is proud to be an approved direct seller and servicer with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. Our strong warehouse lines and established investor relationships help us provide some of the most competitive pricing in the industry on the most important loan products.

  • FHA
  • Non-QM
  • VA
  • HARP 2.0 LOANS


"Enables us to truly set ourselves apart from the competition.."

  • With our own guidelines and minimal overlays for most products, Network’s strength in the Secondary Market is what enables us to truly set ourselves apart from the competition in regard to underwriting and approving loans.
  • PATRICK PURCELL, Secondary Marketing Director



With a new generation of homebuyers taking over and the Internet’s role ever increasing in the home buying process, Network Funding is poised for continued success. Through our partnership with SpaceCraft, we possess one of the most advanced websites in the industry.

Every branch is given a beautiful site

Every branch is given a beautiful site on our platform that is connected to our main site. This allows us to drive traffic (potential borrowers) from our national or regional advertising campaigns straight to the person who will help them the most, the Loan Officer.

Mobile App

Mobile App

In addition to a personal application page and specific client portal, Loan Officers are also given their very own customized, smartphone app. The smartphone app is just another way to help our referral sources and borrowers connect with their Loan Officers.

An On-the-Go Resource

Your referral partners and borrowers can trust your guidance, even on the go. We make sure you’re always in front of them.


The Marketing Library

The Marketing Library, provided through our intranet, gives our branches an online shopping experience that customizes most of their marketing needs with pre-approved material. Whether it’s new business cards, apparel, flyers or signage for an expo, the Marketing Library gives employees the ability to order what they need, customize their information, select when they’ll receive it and watch the fulfillment’s progress.

The Library and beyond

Our design team is also available to make all of our branches look great with anything they need outside of the current offerings in our Marketing Library.


Mortgage Returns (CRM)

Through Mortgage Returns’ Prospect Manager platform on the front-end, our Loan Officers have a single place to login where they can see status updates, track progress, set reminders and manage campaigns on all of their leads and loans.

On the back-end (post closing), the Relationship Manager platform automatically tracks over 200 loan details on closed loans, automates direct mail & email campaigns, as well as triggers notifications when previous clients are eligible for a refinancing. Both platforms with Mortgage Returns are customizable by the Loan Officer so that the Loan Officer can be as hands-off or as hands-on as they want to be.

"Mortgage Returns helps us capture and retain business on both ends..."

  • When it came to deciding on a direction for our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we knew we wanted a customizable system that would “book-end” LendingQB. By helping us capture and retain business on both ends of the loan process (Lead Retention & Post Closing), MR does exactly that.
  • BRETT SNORTLAND, Executive Vice President



LendingQB is our web-based end-to-end, or as we refer to it: “Cradle-to-grave” LOS. By having a system that ties in all of the major pieces of the loan process, LendingQB is able to increase our origination efficiencies by making sure that all of our departments are in sync on each file, eliminating mistakes and automating the workflow.

LendingQB makes origination easier than it’s ever been before. By integrating pricing, compliance & QM checks, auto-calculating scenarios, pre-built disclosure packages, electronic document & disclosure delivery (DocuTech) and much more, this is easily one of the most exciting tools in the mortgage industry for Loan Originators.

"LendingQB has given our Loan Officers the ability to spend less time on tasks and far more time finding new loans!"

  • With all the changes in the industry, our Loan Officers were spending large portions of time on the tasks of originating rather than focusing on getting new business. The primary goal for us in switching to LendingQB was to correct that.
  • BUZZ BAKER, Co-Chairman

The Common Sense Lending Initiative by Network Funding is a collection of Non-QM programs that exist to help people achieve financing that wouldn’t typically qualify for a mortgage due to typical guideline restrictions.

"It’s our way of bringing a little common sense back for qualified borrowers who deserve it." - Matt Kiker, President

Foreign National

Foreign National

Helps make buying a second home in the U.S. easier for qualified non-U.S. citizens who visit the country on business or vacation. Unique Features – Second Home and Investment properties allowed.

Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start

Specifically designed for people who’ve gone through hard times (foreclosure and/or bankruptcy) and bounced back, showing they have the ability to repay their debts. Unique Features – Only requires 24 month seasoning for bankruptcy, foreclosure, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or short sales.

Homeowner’s Access

Homeowner's Access

Provides access to financing for borrowers who can demonstrate the ability to repay but otherwise would not qualify for a mortgage due to various reasons. Unique Features – Those various reasons may include prior housing or credit events, lack of mortgage/rental history, high debt-to-income ratios, and/or gift fund limitations.

Investment Property

Investment Property

Fills in the gap for today’s sophisticated real estate investor by offering larger loan amounts, lower FICO scores and other benefits previously unavailable. Unique Features – Up to 10 financed properties allowed; cash-out refinance to $500,000.

Jumbo Alternative

Jumbo Alternative

Jumbo (loans greater than $417K) financing can be tough these days. Our “alternative” program provides some added flexibility for those who need it. Unique Features – Allows up to 90% LTV without MI; alternative income sources (stocks & asset depletion) can be used; second home and investment property financing available as well.