Mortgage Returns (CRM)

Through Mortgage Returns’ Prospect Manager platform on the front-end, our Loan Officers have a single place to login where they can see status updates, track progress, set reminders and manage campaigns on all of their leads and loans.

On the back-end (post closing), the Relationship Manager platform automatically tracks over 200 loan details on closed loans, automates direct mail & email campaigns, as well as triggers notifications when previous clients are eligible for a refinancing. Both platforms with Mortgage Returns are customizable by the Loan Officer so that the Loan Officer can be as hands-off or as hands-on as they want to be.


"Mortgage Returns helps us capture and retain business on both ends..."

  • When it came to deciding on a direction for our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we knew we wanted a customizable system that would “book-end” LendingQB. By helping us capture and retain business on both ends of the loan process (Lead Retention & Post Closing), MR does exactly that.
  • BRETT SNORTLAND, Executive Vice President

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