Using Video in Mortgage

Be visible. Be a leader.

This week at the Network, Rich Jefferson uses video to talk about… video!

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Video is here, people. Jump on the train before it leaves the station!

But I’m no good on video…

When you started selling, you probably had to work through some kinks. The same is going to be true for video, too. But unlike a live sales meeting, video give you the advantage of reviewing and editing before releasing your message. That means all the excuses you’re making about being bad on video or looking silly just don’t hold water.

Practice, practice, practice. But also don’t over-practice…

If you’ve never made a video, you have the luxury or practicing as much as you want before going “live.” Test your equipment. Test your voice. Test your smile. Test everything!

That said, eventually you have to hit publish, or you’re just wasting your time. Your first video might not be great, but your 10th will be far better.

What do I talk about?

You may feel like you have nothing to say or that you won’t be able to find an audience. You’re wrong.

Good content provides value. Online, people are watching video for either entertainment or information. Start paying attention to the questions your clients are asking. Make a list of common questions that you hear over and over and look for trends as you take meetings. I you hear the same question more than a handful of times, it’s likely that you’ve found a good topic for a video!

Answer this question once on video, and you’ll be able to send it to unlimited people in the future. That shareable content will find it’s way in front of people you’ve never met if the content is clear and helpful. Soon realtors you know will be using it to answer their client’s questions!

Just start!

Starting is the hardest part of video. Getting that first video online can seem daunting, but once you do you will have the knowledge to repeat, repeat, repeat.

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