Can one mortgage company really make a difference...

in the industry, the lives of its clients and the wellbeing of its community?

We believe we can and should.

Let’s do it together.

10 Reasons

To Join the Network

No. 1

The Foundation

Values you can stand on

We believe a company’s way of doing business should impact its industry, the lives of its clients, and the wellbeing of its community. Serving every client with integrity, keeping the Loan Process simple, and getting the job done on time is our standard. Helping families and restoring dreams is our goal.

No. 2

The Story

A story you can be proud of

In 1998, Buzz Baker and Rex Chamberlain set out to create a network of mortgage professionals driven by values, not just profit. So, we built a culture where the most important thing is doing the right thing. In this age of mortgage lending, your clients need a company they can trust.

No. 3

The Network

A team you can rely on

Providing a primary contact person for every branch, our Regional Manager structure gives you your greatest asset: a personal advocate. Helping you build stronger connections with both the corporate office and outside world, our Regional Managers are hands-on people with a laser focus on helping you grow.

No. 4

The Image

We make you look good

Image isn’t everything, but it definitely helps. We know your clients care about what it feels like to interact with the company they're trusting with their mortgage. That’s why we’re committed to having the most professional image in the industry.

Imagine what an award-winning branch website, a personalized mobile app, an ever-growing marketing library, and access to ad-hoc design and video services could do for your image.

No. 5

The Products

Loan programs you can trust

In addition to being a Triple Eagle seller and servicer, we have also cultivated strong investor relationships. We are committed to providing quality loan programs at competitive rates with minimal overlays, simply because that’s how the mortgage industry should be.

You deserve access to loan programs that work for your clients and set you apart from the competition.

No. 6

The Process

A loan process that's simplified

We know mortgages are complex, so we try to simplify the Loan Process whenever possible for your clients. By de-mystifying the process and empowering borrowers through educational resources, we’ve found a “simple” mortgage experience leads to more referrals than just about anything.

No. 7

The System

1 Powerful Platform, 1 simple result

LendingQB, our web-based LOS, ties in all the major pieces of the Loan Process. Your origination becomes more efficient, when every department can stay in sync on every loan. With integrated pricing, compliance checks, calculated scenarios, disclosure packages, and more, LQB helps you focus on what matters most.

No. 8

The Safety

A network that has you protected

You get “peace of mind” knowing we’ve got Compliance, Licensing, and Legal covered. Our Compliance Team reviews each file “behind the scenes,” causing minimal interruption to your workflow. Our Licensing Department focuses on your license status, so you don’t have to. And our Legal Team continues to lead our Network on the high-road, ensuring our brand is synonymous with “Integrity.”

No. 9

The Strength

We get the job done...on time.

We believe your customers’ experience hinges on the quality and speed of our Processing, Underwriting, and Closing Teams. So, we staff and operate our teams in such a way that we can consistently maintain 24-48 hour turn-times in both Underwriting and Closing, giving you and your clients the back-end support you can depend on.

No. 10

The difference

You're part of the network

No man is an island. Your business shouldn’t be either. Our entire company is built around bringing you in and making you feel a part of something bigger, better, stronger. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about mortgages, it’s about people, their homes, and the difference we can make ... together!

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