Inside the Network

People matter. 

Everything we do as a company supports this value. We put together this peek “Inside the Network” to show you how you could thrive here. Enjoy, and we hope to see you at the Network soon!

Inside our

We’re built on a strong foundation.

We keep a solid base base and a thin structure, giving us the ability to keep pricing competitive. Great pricing for our producers is important, and we deliver it alongside incredible service and unparalleled access to management.

We’re all about appreciation.

People matter, so we care for our people. We’ve built recognition of hard work in to our culture, and have value showing appreciation for work done well.

Every door is open.

We believe our best work is done together, through collaboration and sharing ideas. We also believe that you should have access to leaders who are making decisions about your career and workplace.

One team. One goal.

At most companies, operations and sales have a contentious relationship. At Network Funding, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With open lines of communication, we work together with the common goal of getting borrowers home.

Competitive pricing and compensation

Our thin management structure means that less people are getting paid on your loans, leaving you a bigger piece of the pie and giving us the ability to keep our pricing competitive in the marketplace.

President’s Club is a retreat for our top people.

Every year, we celebrate our best at the Network Funding President’s Club. This retreat brings together top producers from around the country to rest, reset, and share ideas. Past retreats have included Southern California, Sundance, Utah, and the fabulous Las Vegas.

See President’s Club for yourself!

Watch a highlight video from our recent President’s Club retreat to Sundance, Utah.

Inside our

Imagine operations and sales working in harmony.

Our VP of Sales Rich Jefferson talks with Carey Ash, our National Operations Manager, about the unique relationship between their two teams at Network Funding. We’re built to work together to get our borrowers in to homes, and we do that by giving sales and ops access to tools and communication to creatively solve problems together.

Clear Turn Times.

You should never be in the dark about where your file is in the process and what the expected turn times are. At Network, you never are. We post clear guidance on turn times every day that you can share with your clients, and we’re committed to sticking to them.

Conditions on your files

Getting to the finish line can be a frustrating process when communication isn’t clear with operations. At Network, conditions are a breeze. Just pick up the phone!

Underwriting woes no more

How does Network handle problem files? We don’t just deny and move on, we pick up the phone and get the file cleaned up. At the Network, we’re working together the get the borrower home!

One (touch) and done!

At the Network, our investment in technology processes, and great people allows us to take advantage of Day One Certainty. Using that, our One Touch System gets your file cleared with one look (and you get a reward!).

Move fast. Close fast!

Rich and Carey discuss how we can get initial CDs reviewed quickly on files to be ready to move fast and close fast and minimize wait times.

Close in 10 Days!

By this time you’ve probably heard our promise to close qualifying loans in just 10 business days. That’s fast, and it takes technology, service, and a high level of commitment from our whole organization. Here’s how we do it.

Human Resources

We believe in family.

We’re here to take care of you. Network Funding has curated a package of benefits for our employees that focuses on what matters: your health, your family, and your future.

Medical benefits

We want you to be happy and healthy. Kim walks us through the highlights of our medical plans.

HSA options

Use a health savings account to save for future health expenses. We’ll contribute as well, and you can hold on to the savings account as long as you need it!

Flex spending accounts

Explore options for flexible spending accounts that allow you to pay for medical and childcare costs pre-tax.

Life insurance is automatic

We automatically cover employees for basic life insurance at no cost to you.

401k matching program

We’re proud to off a 401k matching program for your retirement planning. It’s like giving your future self a raise!

More Than Just Benefits!

HR is here for you anytime you need us. Reach out to for any questions!

Inside our
Loan Technology

Simpl, our easy loan application

SIMPL is our flagship technology that allows borrowers to apply and be pre-approved in just 10 minutes, and for loan officers to concentrate on selling loans, not tracking down docs and requirements.

Simple CRM

Our post-close CRM intelligently captures and analyzes your loan database to search for opportunities with your existing borrowers. This ensures you never lose an opportunity from a past client.

Simpl Process

Truly automated processing is changing the game. We’re developing custom solutions to our industries biggest problems. Simple Process is a next-gen intelligent technology to automate every step of our processing.

Inside our

Meet your last onboarding team

Rich introduces Shelley, our stellar Onboarding Manager, who has made moving to Network smooth as butter. You’ll never want to move again!

Communication at the Network

We want everyone to feel in the loop at the Network. The COOP is our internal communications platform, but it’s really so much more.

Move without losing production

Network makes moving simple, and we make sure you optimize your production through the process to keep your bottom line moving up. Keep moving without missing a beat (or a loan)!

We’re here for you, even after the switch!

Onboarding doesn’t stop after your first few months. We’re here to keep supporting you as long as you need us.

We want you to do more you

Now that you’ve seen inside the Network, the next step is to take a deeper dive in to what your career can do at the best Network in mortgages.